America's Littlest Hero

Founded in 2014, Kamo Kids, LLC is a military friendly children clothing line. The company is owned and operated by a dual military family with kids. The formation of the business began as a coping mechanism whenever we had to leave; albeit for deployments or temporary duty assignments. We would sketch ideas of how we felt at the time, how the kids were handling the separation, and what impact if any would the long term affect be for our kids.

During my first deployment as a mom, I left when our first child was 12-months old. Originally, I was on a nine-month deployment rotation but the mission was curtailed. When I arrived back home to be with the family, our son didn't remember me. Though my husband and I Skyped every night in which I read to our child his favorite book, "Time for Bed”. It literally took our son six-months to remember that I was his mother.

Furthermore as the family grew, there were times that we both weren't available for any of our children birthdays, school plays, extra-curricular activities…you get the drift. Now that we are parents of three little ones; all under the age of ten, I find myself preoccupied with "When". When will be the next time that I have to leave our children? When I leave, will they remember me?' Hence, the formation of Kamo Kids, LLC. I wanted to create a business first and foremost that we were passionate about as well as provide our children a platform whereas, they can see another child who's mom, dad, or parents are in the military and feel a sense of belonging.

The message we try to convey through each and every product is for our neighbors, community, and country to empathize on the emotional, physical, and/or mental ups and downs that every military child endures on account of the deployments, relocations, and/or their parent(s) making the ultimate sacrifice.

We welcome every feedback/comments to let us know how we can sustain or improve upon the business. The only thing we ask is that you keep your comments PG-rated. To post your comments/feedback, you can either follow us on Twitter @kidskamo, Facebook or on our Contact page.